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Turning a LS into a Clan Empty Turning a LS into a Clan

Post  Falmung on Wed May 13, 2009 5:18 am

I know this might seem a little too extracurricular but I wanted to share my ideas to enhance the FFXI linkshell experience. As of now in features a linkshell is a private chatroom in FFXI. It is useful for participating in activities and being part of a group. But of course as a group is created it stops being just people playing together. We become a community. Ryushi has presented a interesting idea of how everyone on the ls can eventually obtain a item that they wish. By saving up the money obtained from garrisons he has created a treasury. When I thought about this it felt like Mana was becoming more like a Nation or a mercenary group. Yes I have much too imagination. So I though about enhancing the experience about the ls.

First of course. We need ranks like how the army use. Private, Coronel, Captain, etc. How do you separate a elite from a new player? How do you separate someone who was participated on all ls activities versus one who barely even assists to garrisons and helps no one only leeching off help while offering nothing in exchange? With ranks. Pearl holders could be divided both into recruiters and trusted officers. Promotions could be offered by the top to members for participating in garrisons, missions, helping new players, contributing to the ls,etc. This would be a little tedious to keep up with but the gameplay experience would be much better. But of course not only ranks but positions as well. How about the fisherman? The ls could fund some fisherman equipment and then the fisherman would give back to the ls a small portion of his catch paying back the price of his fishing gear and donating fish to the ls which crafters could utilize. Certainly beats having to go to the AH to buy fish or die trying to find one at a bazaar.

Because FFXI lacks a proper guild management we need to invent our own.
I've searched the internet for some things we need to become a awesome guild/ls which will rival even the best ls around. We will show mana to be a awesome ls.

1-We need a emblem. We need something to represent we are mana. A nation has a a flag to represent its ideals and how they are seen to the people.
2-Have ventrilo *Check
3-Active recruiters in most cities. This is one of those positions I was talking about. Like fisherman.
4-Establish a forum *Check
5-Establish a LS Community on POL. *Check
6-Plan Events. *Check. Although please remember to utilize the calendar features of LS Community and Forum if it has one.
7-Roleplay Elements. How about Mana having some story behind its reason? A private company who serves the Deuchy of Jeuno. Ryushi a fallen knight who seeks eternal glory for his Mana Knights? Adding a roleplay aspect would satisfy members with a rp enthusiasm.
8-Ranks. Depending on the RP elements of Mana depend on how ranks would be. Officers could be called lords. Ryushi could be a king, a general or a Commander. The ranks that can be appointed and promoted are endless and up to imagination.
9-A LS Headquarters. A meeting place for ls members. Preferably a location in Jeuno or Whitegate. There are several buildings in jeuno or whitegate that could be.....ahem....borrowed from the npcs.

Add up your own ideas please.


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